Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 1

This Australian citizenship practice test contains 20 questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 15 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Australian citizenship practice test.

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  1. What is the biggest annual public event in Australia?
    • Boxing Day
    • Christmas Day
    • Australia Day
    • Easter Day
  2. What does the blue panel in the Torres Strait Islander Flag Represent?
    • The sea
    • The land
    • The people
    • The earth
  3. Who appoints judges and magistrates in Australia?
    • The Prime Minister
    • The Governor-General
    • The Government
    • The Queen
  4. What is 'fair go?'
    • It is someone achieves in life as a result of their class distinctions
    • It is someone achieves in life as a result of their skills, ability and experience
    • It is someone achieves in life as a result of their wealth or background
  5. When does the Prime Minister announce “the Australian of the year” in Canberra?
    • Boxing Day
    • Australia Day
    • Easter Day
    • Christmas Day
  6. Name the largest city of Australia
    • Perth
    • Melbourne
    • Sydney
    • Victoria
  7. What is the official symbol in the Commonwealth of Australia?
    • Golden wattle
    • Commonwealth Coat of Arms
    • Opal
  8. Which official symbol of Australia is a parameter to identify Commonwealth Property?
    • The national flower of Australia
    • The national anthem
    • Commonwealth Coat of Arms
  9. State the definition of Jury
    • A jury is a group of ordinary Australian men and women who listen to the evidence in a court case and decide if a person is innocent or guilty.
    • A jury is group of people who can apply for an Australian passport and re-enter Australia freely
    • A jury is a group of people committed to join together to defend the nation and its way of life.
  10. State the organization in that provides fair and honest election
    • Territory Electoral Commission
    • Federal Electoral Commission
    • Australian Electoral Commission
  11. What is the full form of AEC?
    • Australian Electoral Community
    • Australian Election Commission
    • Australian Electoral Commission
  12. _______ was the first Governor of the colony of New South Wales.
    • Kevin Michael RUDD
    • Captain Arthur Phillip
    • Frank Cassidy
  13. Of the following statements, which is true?
    • More than half of the populations of Australia were born abroad
    • More than 1/4 of the populations of Australia were born abroad
    • Less than 1/4 of the population of Australia were born abroad
  14. Between ________ and _________ is situated the Australian Capital Territory
    • Perth and Brisbane
    • Melbourne and Sydney
    • Adelaide and Hobart
  15. Identify the statement from among these that is true?
    • Others can be encouraged to break the law in Australia
    • A person has the right to damage the reputation of another in Australia
    • A person's good name can be protected against false information through laws in Australia
  16. The representative who is voted for to represent the Australians in the House of representatives is called _____________________
    • Member of Lower House
    • Member of Parliament
    • Member of Upper House
  17. What type of agency is the Australian Electoral Commission?
    • Commonwealth
    • Agricultural
    • Defense
  18. Why is the Floral Emblem famous in Australia?
    • It is Australia’s National Flower
    • It is Australian National Bird
    • It is Australian National Fruit
    • It is Australian National Flag
  19. Aboriginal people are historically from_________________
    • Tasmania and Britain
    • Europe
    • Mainland Australia and Tasmania
  20. Of the following, identify the statement that is true.
    • Irrespective of their gender, all Australians have to treat each other with respect and dignity
    • Irrespective of their marital status, all Australians have to treat each other with respect and dignity
    • All of the above

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