Our Affiliate Program

For Australian migration professionals and everybody else who would like to help us help others pass their test.

Are you an Australian migration professional? Or do you have another way of connecting with people who need our services? Then our affiliate program could help you earn some extra money. It is quite simple:

Send us customers and if they buy from us, we send you a 50% commission for every sale made!

How does this work?

Fill in your details below to apply. We give you an affiliate login for your user account. After login, you will get a link that contains your affiliate code. If you give that link to your contacts with upcoming citizenship tests and they click on it, we can see that you send them. We store that information and if the user buys from us after coming from you, we know that you've send them and credit your account with the commission.

We pay out once a month to all affiliates via Australian bank transfer.

Become an Affiliate

There is a dashboard on our website where approved affiliates can view now many sales they have made and how much commission they have accrued.

How do I optimize my commission?

We are seeing two strategies working well for our affiliates:

  • One
    Placing a link on your website in relevant places that help your users. This should ideally be your affiliate link, otherwise we cannot know how sent the customer. If you've got content about citizenship applications in general or more broadly, the Australian citizenship, that's the place to have the link. If you don't have that type of content yet, reach out to us, we can help with that.
    The beauty of this approach is that it is entirely passive for you, once it is set up. We have a beautiful badge (think clickable button) for you that entices users to click it and we can help you with the relevant content if you need us to. Just let us know after signup.
  • Two
    Emailing clients with the recommendation. This one is more work for sure but it works, and is worth considering. You might have an email list or a database of clients where you know what state of their application they're in. Emailing them at the right time is smart and works quite well.
    This approach is more hands on than placing a link and a more active approach. It does work though and reasonably well too.
  • Three
    Combining the two approaches is what works best, therefore we're recommending to do both to our affiliates.
Become an Affiliate