Terms and Conditions

For this the Australian Citizenship Tests App

We garantuee that our users pass the citizenship test on test day if they prepare sufficiently for it using our app.

We refund all purchases, if a user can demonstare that they failed the test and that they prepared with us sufficiently. What does sufficiently mean? It means preparing in such a way, where the user has completed all tests on our platform. If the user has not done all tests with us, they are not sufficiently prepared and thus do not qualify for the refund.

Preparing can be done in 20 minutes a day for 30 days.

Data Recording

We are recording test performance data. By using this app, you grant us permission to record your performance data. We do not publish your data individually under your name. We do publish test performance data as a whole, on average on our blog at this location. We reserve the right to change the style of our publication over time.