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Cookies explained

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on a user's device (usually a web browser) when they visit a website. These files contain information about the user's interactions with the website. Cookies serve various purposes, including

  1. Authentication: Cookies can be used to remember a user's login status, allowing them to access restricted areas of a website without repeatedly entering their credentials.
  2. Session Management: Session cookies are temporary and are used to maintain information during a user's visit to a website. They are deleted once the user closes their browser.
  3. Personalization: Cookies can store user preferences and settings, such as language preferences or the layout of a website.
  4. Tracking and Analytics: Websites use cookies to collect data about user behavior, such as which pages are visited and how long users stay on a site. This information helps website owners improve their content and user experience.
  5. Advertising: Advertisers use cookies to track users' online activities and deliver targeted ads based on their interests and behavior.
  6. Third-Party Integration: Some cookies come from third-party services embedded in a website, such as social media buttons or embedded videos. These cookies can track users across different websites.

Cookie Types

What types of cookies are there?

There are primarily two types of cookies:

Session Cookies

Purpose: Used for session management. Duration: Temporary and exist only during a user's session on a website. Functionality: They are created when a user visits a website and are deleted when the user closes their browser. Use Case: Commonly used to maintain user authentication status and store temporary information, such as items in a shopping cart during an online shopping session.

Persistent Cookies:

Purpose: Used for long-term data storage and tracking. Duration: They remain on a user's device for a specified period or until manually deleted by the user. Functionality: They can be set with an expiration date, allowing websites to remember users and their preferences across sessions. Use Case: Persistent cookies are often used for personalization, analytics, and advertising. For example, they can remember login credentials, language preferences, or track user behavior over time to deliver targeted advertisements. Both session and persistent cookies have their respective roles in enhancing the user experience and website functionality. Session cookies are short-lived and ideal for temporary tasks, while persistent cookies are suitable for long-term data storage and tracking user behavior.

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